5G Male Review: How Safe and Effective is this Product?

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5G Male Overview

5G Male is a performance enhancer for men. The product contains a herbal formula that combines various natural plants that have been studied in clinical trials and proven* to increase* certain aspects that are related to a man’s overall physical and sexual performance. The formula has been developed with the aging man in mind as the benefits of the formula are linked to the numerous health concerns that men often face when they reach a certain age. After turning 30, a man’s body naturally produced less* testosterone. He is also more prone to develop certain conditions, such as poor blood flow, low sexual arousal, and a low sex drive. In some cases, men also experience signs of a sexual disorder known as erectile dysfunction. This product helps men overcome these issues by targeting the primary sources behind the problems. Manufacturer Information and Claims* about 5G Male 5G Male 5G Male         5G Male is a natural supplement that has been developed by Supernatural Man LLC. There is no physical address available for the manufacturer of the product, but they do provide a “support*” link on their website that links the visitor to an email address. The manufacturer claims* that all of their products are manufactured in the United States. Their pricing model is also in US dollars. This means that the company is primarily located in the U.S. Information regarding international shipment is not available. To purchase the product, a potential customer needs to log on to the official website of 5G Male and watch a video first. After the video has played, a button appears that allows the visitor to buy the product. One bottle of 5G Male costs $69.95 and comes with additional bonuses, including “The Secret To Cycling”, “The 14 Booster Foods” and “The Danger List”. These bonuses can be downloaded in PDF format after the customer has placed an order for the product.   The manufacturer of 5G Male claims* that their formula will provide a significant enhancement in the male user’s overall blood flow. They also claim* that, by using the product continuously for an extended period of time, the user will experience a considerable improvement in their physical and sexual performance, as well as enhanced* endurance while participating in activities in the gym or in the bedroom. Furthermore, the product also claims* that its formula can increase* the girth and strength of the user’s erections. Working Process and the Ingredients List The primary function of 5G Male is to increase* nitric oxide in the user’s body. When nitric oxide levels increase*, the user should experience better* blood circulation. Better* blood circulation has many benefits for the human body. It may be able to improve* erectile function, heart health and brain health, and even contribute to better* physical performance. Apart from the fact that the formula increases* nitric oxide, some ingredients have been included to reduce* anxiety and stress levels – two elements that can contribute towards an adverse effect on the user’s sexual performance. The following ingredients are found in 5G Male’s formula: Garlic – When garlic is digested, certain compounds are released into the bloodstream. The body’s red blood cells then process these compounds and turn them into hydrogen sulfide, a substance that is classified as a cell messenger. With higher levels of hydrogen sulfide, blood vessels will dilate better*, which causes blood flow to increase*. Ginseng – Ginseng has many benefits for men. It is, however, important to realize that there are different kinds of ginseng and the particular type of ginseng used in this formula haven’t been declared by the manufacturer of 5G Male. Overall, ginseng is often used to boost* mental and physical performance, to contribute to better* erections and to raise energy levels. Gingko Biloba Leaves – The leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba plant is often used to improve* concentration or to aid* in enhancing* physical performance. Recent evidence also suggests that this plant extract may help to improve* erectile function among men who have impotence. In addition to these ingredients, the formula also consists of ginger and green tea extracts. The Advantages of 5G Male Many male enhancement products only focus on balancing hormone levels and boosting the production of testosterone. Instead, 5G Male targets a common ailment that a lot of men suffer from – poor blood flow. Many of the ingredients in this product have been clinically proven* to improve* erections in men who have erectile dysfunction. The Cons of 5G Male It is a complicated process to purchase the product. It seems like the user first needs to watch a video before they gain access to the order page. While the ingredients of this product may be effective in relieving symptoms of erectile dysfunction, no values are provided for each included ingredients. This makes it difficult to determine how effective the formula really is. Possible Side Effects The product utilizes a combination of natural extracts that have not been linked to side-effects. Users should, however, be cautious if they are currently using medication to lower their blood pressure. Should You Buy This Product? 5G Male seems to have potential. There is some scientific evidence available to back up their claims* about the formula’s benefits for blood flow. The Evidence is not available to back up the claim* regarding the formula’s ability to increase* the girth of an erection. Final Verdict The product may be an effective supplement for increasing* blood flow, especially among men who are suffering from poor blood circulation in their pelvic area. Specific values of the included ingredients are not provided, however, the product may be efficient and actually live up to its claims*. Below you will find the most effective male enhancement product being sold today. Rating Our Top Male Enhancement Choice 5G Male Produces Stronger & Firmer Erections Improves Sexual Stamina & Energy Enhances Sexual Desire & Arousal Quality of Ingredients 100% All Natural Potent Ingredients 65% Ultimately, we were able to determine the overall value of each male enhancement product

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