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I have been involved with online marketing since 2009 learning and dissecting the treacherous pathway of online traps and pitfalls.  I’ve learned alot along the way and hoped to pass that wisdom on to others.  There really are good people and products out there once you can sniff them out. I guess my experiences have given me a good sniffer…LOL!   Anyway, I hope you benefit from reading and checking out these products I’ll review, keep in mind all the products in the JVZoo list all the way to the right are approved by me!  
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“Hi, Bill here. I believe it’s important to be transparent when talking about reviewing products you might like to purchase, so I am disclosing that sometimes I may receive a commission if you buy a product reviewed here. However, these are my objective opinions, based on thorough investigation done by myself on the efficacy of these products, with the ultimate goal of giving you the best value for your money. Nor do I receive these products for free.

The owners of other review sites for this type of product almost always receive commissions. If a site does not disclose that, it is not being up front with you. Take this into account when you weigh a site’s credibility.

Please also note this site is independently owned and operated and the opinions expressed here are my genuine beliefs regardless of any commission.”