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  Over 200 real testimonials of regular people making their first dollars online ever. *Over 200 real testimonials of people making their first dollars online. I felt I had to share this with you guys because honestly it is one of the best sources of income I have found in many years online. You really need to check it out, it will be worth your time…I promise. Here is my Video testimonial/walk through of it in action… The link to go to the sign up page is in the description area below this video.  Make this coming year “THE YEAR”! Watch this short video review…https://youtu.be/WLffBjnb9ss These guys will do a special webinar to help you understand this better if you give me a message asking for that.  People are making hundreds daily and have given testimonials to prove it.  Including me! Here are the product creator’s talking about this:  Video
Look at these posts from members in this group...
Look at these posts from members in this group…


This is a software program that helps you buy and flip textbooks online. It finds the textbooks for you that you can buy low and make a profit on immediately. It takes all of the guess work out of deciding which textbooks to buy and flip because it shows you which textbooks are currently being sold by Amazon sellers for less than what Amazon will pay you for them so that you can profit.


  • No technical skills or previous experience required.
  • It finds the books that meet your criteria.
  • It can go through thousands of listings very quickly.
  • Your economic risk goes down. The software finds the books and tells you how much profit you will make on them BEFORE you buy them.
  • The software tells you which textbooks to buy, where to sell them and how much profit you will get ahead of time.
  • There is an option to have the team that produced the software to handle all of the receiving and shipping of the books making this virtually hands free, if you like.
  • There are a ton of testimonials of people who have used this software and actually saved a ton of time and made their money back quickly.


The investment for the software and course is under $1000. The great thing is that many people make back their investment in the software in their first few weeks. In Conclusion: Textbook Money Review and Testimonial  I review a lot of software and quite frankly most of them are too glitchy or overhyped.  Textbook Money is different because you do not need any technical skills and it works beautifully. The software does the heavy lifting and you can have their staff take care of the stocking and shipping. The is one of the very few software programs on the market that lives up to its reputation. If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time. WAIT…I’m convinced and I just want in!  GO HERE I can’t afford the one time payment!  Well, we thought of you…HERE

Thanks again!  Bill bvbizmarketing@gmail.com

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Just a peek at some info that prepares you...
Just a peek at some info that prepares you…

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